Mary Jo Brown: Walking through the past |

Mary Jo Brown: Walking through the past

Mary Jo Brown

I have heard often through my life that as we get older we tend to think or remember our past more. I tend to think of and picture in my mind the places where I grew up. Some of the places I remember when seen again seem to be the same but upon further inspection are not. There have been some changes happening gradually over time so that it is hard to remember when they actually came about. The same can be said about the changes that happen in our lives, ones that make a difference in how we are living today but were not that noticeable when the choice to change something was made.

I ask myself if I made the right choices and tell myself that I need to look deeper inside for the answers. Taking a walk through the past, I reflect upon who I am now asking myself if I have out grown some of the choices I’ve made. Most of the answers I come up with are based largely on choices made with the aid of the character installed in me in being raised by two of the most loving people anyone would be blessed to have as parents. They taught me lessons in unselfishness, as they were forever giving to others whether they were related to them or not, giving from the heart, working through their struggles with integrity and pride in what they did.

Sometimes when I am having a hard time, I think of my dad who has always been my inspiration. Asking, as if he were still physically present, what I do now…, where do I go from here…, and hearing my mind say, “Do the best you can with what you have and believe, faith will get you there.” My mom went through a lot of illnesses patiently, ever trusting in her faith. So I keep going regardless of what I see or don’t see in my daily trek and say to myself that whatever I do, say or think today, tomorrow will bring new choices. Later I may ask myself if I made the right choices but only time will tell if in my trying I did my best in my own way to make an imprint on life. Hoping that tomorrow I can get more accomplished than I have so far and looking at what I have in my life now that matters. I have a family with a strong moral and work ethic that I am proud of.

One that helps each other whenever one of us is in need. Although my health isn’t the best, I am not as bad off as others, and I have a roof over my head and food on my table which some do not. I guess that makes me rich in the things that count the most.

I have found out that just because I am older, it doesn’t make any difference in my outlook in life of being myself and although the choices are always going to be there to be made all I can do is give it all I’ve got.

Happy birthday wishes going out to Dicie Pretti, Doris Rieman and Mary Ann Harrington.

Senior potluck at Sunset Meadows I is at noon Friday.

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