Mary Jo Brown: Turn off your stresses |

Mary Jo Brown: Turn off your stresses

Mary Jo Brown

I had one of those days when my mind kept wandering and my thoughts kept going to other things to the point that it was hard for me to get into my regular routine. I kept dwelling on things that were not really worth the time I was putting into thinking about.

Finally through my morning routine, later than usual, I decided to get my feet up and rest a while in my recliner, and just as I was relaxed and getting a little sleepy the phone rang. I reached over to the table by my chair, grabbed the phone, pushed the button to answer it and the channel on the television changed. Glancing down I said to myself, “for heaven sakes wake up and die right.” In my hand was the television remote, not the phone! The phone had quit ringing in the meantime so I decided to go wash my face and that seemed to help some. With my mind readjusted I started once again doing things, picking up here, putting away there, and the next thing I knew it was about a quarter to 12. Since I usually go to the main dining room at Sunset Meadows, I had to hurry to get freshened up in order to make it in time. It occurred to me that in the process of concentrating on what I was doing instead of what I had been dwelling on that I had lost the stress that had made me so distracted earlier.

Sometimes we need help to know when to turn off our stresses and pressures, but even then it is not always an easy thing to do. Our daily lives carry enough stress and pressures and yet we often find extra worries and anxieties to take with us from place to place. Borrowing trouble is what it is often called when you stress about things you have no control over. Then we wonder how those worries sap our strength and resources and drag us to the bottom. Like a teapot that starts to whistle to release pressure when hot, we need to learn to release the pressure caused by worries. Doing something fun is one way to release pressure. Think about it, when was the last time you saw Mickey Mouse in therapy? We can’t help but feel better if we find something we enjoy and include it in our day. Take time off your worries, see life in a better light, list your top priorities and see where your focus is. Listen to those older than you and learn what they can teach you about what they have learned in the living of their lives, watch children play and know they hold the secret of life’s longevity, let us gain our perspective and see our days in a new light. Give thanks to God for all our many blessings and enjoy life.

Happy Birthday greetings to Sarah Birch, Jennifer Miller, Marie Greenwold and Norma and Yoast.

Potluck at Sunset Meadows I at noon Fridays. I hope to see you there.

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