Mary Jo Brown: The windows into our souls |

Mary Jo Brown: The windows into our souls

Mary Jo Brown
Mary Jo Brown

Looking through my window to the yard across the street I see a picture of beautiful colors. The flowers there are in full bloom arranged in a very pleasing way and share the yard with trees, lilac bushes and the green of the lawn. The thought comes into my mind that it would be wonderful if we lived in a world where it was always like June. To me June is about sunshine, school being out, vacations, camping, fishing and grandkids coming to visit from out of town, picnics and getting together for potlucks in the park.

We use to go to the city park for our picnics or get togethers long ago but now it seems to be better for us to meet up at Loudy-Simpson Park and unfortunately we don’t do it as often as we used to because of work schedules and physical limitations.

As I turned away from the window I thought to myself, “How many kinds of windows have I looked through?” Windows in houses, hospitals, various types of vehicles, homes, stores, businesses, schools, the list just keeps growing. I found that the most important window is the window that looks into my soul. Faith is my everything and at times I feel like the window I look into shows me I am not as strong in my faith as I want to be.

There are times, when I am being my own worst critic, that I find that particular window to be somewhat muddy and covered with doubt. Not doubt about my faith but about myself and my ability to function in doing well in whatever I tried to do. The window clouds up because I let the darkness of self-doubt, anger, frustration and judgment take up the space that should be covered with forgiveness, kindness, trust and commitment to trusting the Lord to handle all my troubles.

To clear that window up I decided to go back in my mind and remember how I did some of the things when I was the only one around and see if I can still do them that way. It is a challenge but in doing it I am finding my true self and my window is not as cloudy but getting clearer as time goes by. I know that only I can truly know the “me” that is inside and I need to keep the window to my soul clear in order to see where I am and where I am going. It is up to me to keep that window clean and let the goodness of my Lord shine through instead of reflecting the anger, selfishness and darkness that is in the daily world around me. Look into your own windows and see if there is goodness shining through and if you like the picture you see when your reflection looks back.

Happy birthday wishes to Amber Guice-Southard, Roy James, Wendell Castle, Shirley Stehle, Kaylan Rayne Maddox and Kaley Gill.

Get well wishes go out to Wilma Hettenger and Larry Dillon.

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