Mary Jo Brown: Small spaces hold a lot of love |

Mary Jo Brown: Small spaces hold a lot of love

Mary Jo Brown

Do you have a favorite room in your house? I used to spend most of my time in the living room when I lived in a house but now I have a combination living room, dining room and kitchen set up in my apartment. It depends on where my lift chair is as to what room I am in now. A few steps in any given direction and I am in another “room,” the exceptions being the bathroom or my bedroom. The bedroom also has been designated the place where I put all my “stuff” until I can get around to sorting it later. I am fortunate that my bed is very comfortable, and I don’t have too much in the room so that I can’t enjoy my time there.

A living room can be just a room with no signs of life, happiness or joy expressed anywhere. If you add a picture, dress up the couch with a few pillows to highlight the subtle colors of the upholstery, add some pizzazz, you can make it more cozy and comfortable and it doesn’t need to be cluttered. Just by placing some flowers, favorite books, even family pictures in a room, you can create an atmosphere that expresses yourself and what you are about. It changes a house into a home, a place you like to come back to not because it is the only place you have to go but because you are content there. My house was my special place to spend with family and friends. I had lessons to learn while living there, not only about how to keep my house in order but also to keep my life in order. I still am learning as I grow older, I don’t think we are ever too old to learn. One of the lessons I had to learn was how to downsize when I moved to an apartment. I no longer have the room to rearrange my domain and had to get rid of a lot of things in my house, change my ways of thinking and how I do things daily.

When your children are grown and you lose a spouse, a move to a smaller house makes a lot of things that you thought were so necessary and meaningful take on different meanings. You realize that the things you need are less and less and the most precious things you have are not necessarily material possessions but memories, family and friends. The rooms in my apartment hold the possessions that remind me of those things, the special memories, and pictures of family and hold a warm welcome to all my friends. I thank the Lord every day for all that I have and hope everyone can see that it’s not so much what we have, but how we use it.

Happy birthday wishes to Valerie Van Tassel, Maria Keller, Phyllis Varela and Katherine Wisebrook. Belated birthday and anniversary wishes to Ashley Titus.

Get well wishes to all those feeling under the weather and on the mend.

Remember to watch out for all the little ones out trick-or-treating this week and have an enjoyable Halloween.

Daylight saving ends the first weekend in November so don’t forget to turn those clocks back an hour Sunday, Nov. 3.

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