Mary Jo Brown: Slow down to enjoy life |

Mary Jo Brown: Slow down to enjoy life

Mary Jo Brown
Mary Jo Brown

As I have more time to sit and think I find myself reviewing various ways my life has changed. The choices and decisions which we all face in life determine how your life flows. Have you ever said to yourself or someone else “If only I had …” or “If I could do it all over again, I’d …” Well, the choices and decisions are ours to make and we must deal with the circumstances, as my sister will say. There is no need to blame others for the results of a choice we made. Saying “You make me so angry” is not right, you are choosing to be angry. Many people blame their past for their present situation. The past is over, and we choose to live in it or make our life better and move forward. No one has control over you except you, unless you choose to let them.

Most of the time when we are faced with a choice it seems all right to take the less difficult way, but it doesn’t always work out to be the best choice in the long run. It may have been a decision that got quick results but by acting in haste, it may cause us to actually spend more time to get the results we want.

I often wonder what would have happened if I had made different choices and taken more time to make the choices that were involved in my decisions. We move through life at what appears to be a steady pace and often don’t realize that we are not getting any closer to our goals. I find now that the quest I still am aiming for wasn’t getting any closer because I didn’t realize the full potential of it until now. The thing was that no matter how busy I was, how fast the pace or whom I was with, the fact is I really wasn’t getting ahead in what I was aiming for. I could have accomplished more and enjoyed it more at a slower pace. The fast track tends to shackle us to that pace and standards which prevent us form leading a truly successful, happy life doing our work in our own authentic way.

Happy birthday wishes to Bev Lovelady and Connie Combs.

Get well, speedy recovery to all those ailing.

May your tomorrow be better than today.

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