Mary Jo Brown: Savor good memories |

Mary Jo Brown: Savor good memories

Mary Jo Brown

I welcomed the first week of this year with a visit to the hospital that ended up lasting four days. Upon awakening, on my first morning there, I looked out the window and saw what appeared to be a wall of white. It was a white out in progress. The wall slowly turned into a misty curtain that almost was omniscient in appearance with the shadows of unknown objects in the distance. As I kept looking, the haze started shifting and the landscape slowly came into view and along with it the outline of a gray ghostly looking object. The object got larger and appeared to be closer the more the snowy mist cleared. It turned out that the shadow was the college on the hill across from the hospital and in full view of my window. Although the sky remained a blur, trees and other images became easier to see as the mist rose leaving dark patches coming through and the picture was becoming clearer. Looking behind the college, distant houses came into view and the scene slowly changed as the sky changed into different shades of blue. As the sky settled into a beautiful medium shade of blue, dotted with fluffy white clouds that moved farther into the distance, the sun decided to appear, changing the scene once again. The college took on a totally different look with new shadows and colors appearing. The scene now was clear and it was as if the misty, whiteout never had occurred.

Leaning back in the hospital bed, I thought about how beautiful it all was, the sunny blue skies, brilliant white snow and all the surrounding landscape. Closing my eyes, I gave thanks to the Lord for now my day was much more enjoyable and the picture was complete. The whole expanse within my view was a beautiful painting made by an artist equal to none, and I got to see it at its inception.

I’m glad to say that I am once again at home, but the image I saw that day will remain with me for a while, tucked into that space in my mind that holds special memories of images, songs and smells that I can pull up again and again. Smells or some songs can trigger a memory of times shared with family or some special event. Don’t be afraid to draw them out again and enjoy them once more, savoring a time that was special, not with sadness but with appreciation for having experienced it at all. We may not always know at the time how precious or special something is, but if we are lucky enough to associate a smell or sound with it we can relive it and appreciate it for what it was.

Happy birthday to Virginia Acord, Pat Hering and Frances Burch.

Get well wishes to all those ill and recovering.

Potluck at Sunset Meadows I at noon Friday.

Stay warm and enjoy the beauty around you.

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