Mary Jo Brown: Never too old to learn |

Mary Jo Brown: Never too old to learn

Mary Jo Brown
Mary Jo Brown

I have been watching the weather during the news, and the storms are an awesome sight to behold. This spring will be another thing altogether with this heavy snow base melting, but hopefully, there won’t be any floods.

I used to like to walk in the puddles I came upon on purpose, splashing in some by bringing my foot down harder with each step. When I had to change clothes after getting home, the thought came to me that it was too much trouble, but the next time puddles were there, I would do it again. Each season seems to bring something else to try: splashing in the spring and summer puddles, throwing snowballs after winter storms, playing in the warm summer sun, enjoying a late fall evening playing hide and seek.

Now, I stay in most of the winter, wanting to go out and build snowmen, snow forts and throw snowballs, but am not able to do so; however, the joy and laughter of children playing in the snow outside my window brings a smile to my face and makes me feel better. It’s a way to enjoy the snow and the wonders of winter without getting in the middle of it, and I enjoy the feeling of partaking in the daily outcome of whatever I see, find or feel.

Each day brings new thoughts, lessons and experiences, which help me to grow more in thought, deeds and words that I can share with others. I give thanks every day for what I have seen or heard and the knowledge gained from it. I feel that without a daily intake of experience or new thought, I have missed a chance to add more to the tapestry of my life — a tapestry that is forever being woven with each experience from each day, and I am never going to be too old to learn.

Some places on the tapestry are getting pretty well worn and need replacing. The new experiences help to fill in the spots where things of the past elude me, though I do recall some of what was in the worn areas. Bygone days and memories of good times, sad times and days of family and friends make up the tapestry along with experiences and occasions. I try to remember a certain day and follow it through, and relating it to a good song helps.

Hope you all had a happy Valentine’s Day and want to send a thank you to the Moffat County High School CenterStage choir for the lovely singing valentine they sang to the residents at Sandrock Ridge and to the ladies from Calvary Baptist Church; June Collins, Lindsey Hall, Sharon Chapman, Maxine Turner, Leslie Cook and her husband, Butch Cook, who hosted a Valentine’s party. During the party, Gwen Showalter was crowned queen, and Leo Cramer was crowned king. Residents enjoyed the refreshments, companionship and music.

Congratulations to Gordon and Evelyn Tileston, who celebrated their anniversary last week. Happy birthday to all those having birthdays this week, and get well/speedy recovery to all those ailing and recovering.

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