Mary Jo Brown: Marching forward |

Mary Jo Brown: Marching forward

Mary Jo Brown
Mary Jo Brown

March is here, it’s springtime in the Rockies. Yes, there will be snow now and then, but in between are green sprouts peeking out at us. Crocus, daffodils and shoots of grass are trying hard to make their presence known. In the first mild days of March each minute is sweeter than before, like waking up from a long winter slumber. Thoughts turn to planting, renewing perhaps a stirring of hope and all things new and refreshed. I liken it to the turning of the earth in our inner gardens and a stirring of hope in better things to come.

My hope is like March, I want to spring forth from a period of reminders of how hard life can be. We can, at times, let the winter of our emotions conquer our feelings. This creates a mixture of feelings, like a dark cloudy winter day in which we don’t want to do anything and are sluggish when we do attempt to get things done. It’s the winter blues. Having to look again at things we would rather not see such as icy roads, white out conditions and below freezing temperatures.

March is a good name for a month that marches forward and slowly but surely brings with it the changing of seasons and the desire to do more. The thoughts of spring cleaning begin, not just house and yard but within ourselves also. The occasional warm day motivates us to get out more and enjoy the feeling of freshness that is in the air. There seems to be less grumpy grumps around, laughter seems lighter and there suddenly seems to be a lot of things that need to get done. The air is tingled with sunny breezes and the smells of nature are fresher and inviting with hints of places to go and people to visit.

The biggest change I see is within myself, for I can see that winter is nature’s way of letting the earth rest for a while and refresh itself. It gives us a different look at the way things are and reality soaks in again. Spring is a reminder of how in a different setting life can be what we make it as blue or gray as we choose. We can spring out of our lackadaisical ways and make life a sun-shining experience. Hope springs eternal as they saying goes. I too can go forth and with the light of my inner strength, brought on by faith and determination, do the best I can and not let the grays of winter get me down. Sprouting out of my inner place of grayness, I can take my place in the sunshine of the world. Enjoying the rays of light created by the unconditional love I have for my family friends and neighbors, for without pure love given from the heart and soul we have nothing.

Birthday wishes go out to Wendell Brown and Sean Ganskow.

There will be a full military memorial service for Clint Durdick in Grand Junction at 12:30 p.m. on March 7. It will be held at 2830 32 and D road/ Riverside Parkway Dr. Clint was a marine who served in Vietnam but will be remembered by many Craigites as the guy who for many years shovel the sidewalks for the businesses down town. He was the son of a dear friend of mine and gave me a ride to work many a time.

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