Mary Jo Brown: Make your house a home |

Mary Jo Brown: Make your house a home

Mary Jo Brown
Mary Jo Brown

There is a certain amount of fun going to a house and knowing when you arrive you’ll have a good time. The decor of a house goes a long way in determining whether it feels like a just a house or a home. The whimsical home is a joyful one, and it tells a lot about the owners. The home is not cluttered but filled with interesting items that reflect the personal history of the family. A feeling of comfort, history, coziness and the spirit of spontaneity fills the house with the sense of fun.

Nostalgia is represented in childhood pictures of family, vacations and mementos that belonged to parents and loved ones gone now. Salt and pepper shakers and angel collections, childhood books and games once played with family all show glimpses of the owners’ personality and past. Those that come into the home can see good indications of the owners.

Some houses are not a home in the true sense of the word. A long time ago I heard a man say, “Home is where you hang your hat.” Taken literally, my dad didn’t wear hats but we were knew when we were home. We felt content, peaceful and safe, where everyone that entered was welcomed, regardless of what was going on at the time.

There were several hats that were hung at our home, coats too, and all those who entered knew they were welcome and accepted as they were. You don’t need an expensive house with fine surroundings to create a home.

Some people don’t like a lot of clutter and have very few items other than those absolutely needed. This may work for their life style, but it makes me wonder where their priorities are and what is it that matters to them. It isn’t necessary to have all kinds of bric-a-brac everywhere, but I find it comforting to be in a home where I am not afraid of breaking something or touching anything and one that has evidence of life happening in it.

Times have changed the way and where people live. Concerns about the environment and world conditions have some being more careful about what they have in their homes. That doesn’t mean that the house can’t be a home. Give your house a sense of you and what you are about — your past, your likes and family. Make it fun and comfortable to be there; a home to love, share and relax in. Someplace you want to return to at the end of your day.

Happy birthday wishes to Marie Hardin, Eena Peed and Judith Southard.

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