Mary Jo Brown: Keep your mind sharp with puzzles, reading |

Mary Jo Brown: Keep your mind sharp with puzzles, reading

Mary Jo Brown
Mary Jo Brown

I I enjoy watching games shows where the contestants can make a lot of money. The show that is on television while I am writing this has a contestant that won a million dollars. It always has been my thought that it would be fun to be part of a game show like Family Feud or Truth or Consequences, though with my luck, I would probably end up with all the consequences.

It’s the excitement of the game I like, though the money wouldn’t exactly hurt my feelings, either. Games that deal with words or trivia usually are my favorite types.

One of the pitfalls of these games is that greed will come into play and the player will lose it all if they are not careful. Some would say that they came with nothing so they really didn’t lose anything, while others would say that they should trust their instincts and quit while they are ahead. It all depends on your point of view, I suppose.

In any case I enjoy trying to pit myself against the players on television and test my knowledge of whatever the subject is. Yelling the answers sometimes like I actually was being heard, or like my grandsons do when they are watching a close finish in a NASCAR race or their favorite football team.

The games I do play are in books, and I like to think they keep me more mentally sharp. Some of the puzzles in these books are real doozies, but I eventually figure them out and learn something in the process. Put your mind on something challenging that’s good for you, and in this way you will not only learn something but get the knowledge and excitement of the game.

Keep your mind sharp by exercising it regularly, do puzzles, read, have a hobby, just keep busy and remember that you never are too old to learn.

Birthday wishes to Becky Sanchez and Anthony Zurita.

Get well and speedy recovery to Paul Cruz and Vicki Schenke.

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