Mary Jo Brown: Holding on to charms of life |

Mary Jo Brown: Holding on to charms of life

Mary Jo Brown

While I was sorting through more of my papers and rough drafts of my Senior Spotlight articles, I came across an article I had written several years ago. The page I found was written about a bracelet I own made up of charms I earned while being a member of Alpha Tau. The charms on the bracelet represented different honors. The first charm is a pearl for being secretary, the next one for the office of vice president and so on until the star award for publicity, and then it went into empty links. It struck me that what also is involved with the honor of these charms were the friendships, love, peace and family. My guide to the future charm is a golden beacon shinning its light. If I think positive and hold my course in line with my aim for a better future, my empty links will be full of the charms of life. The one I hold most dear is the golden cross, a reminder that without faith we are nothing; without hope, we have nothing; without charity, we do nothing; and without love, we are lost.

On my ESA bracelet and chain necklace, my links to the past are guiding me to the future as they have done before by showing me friendship, poise, loyalty, more understanding and whatever else. As I gaze at the page and get out my charms that show my past life, the empty links remind and help guide me to my future. I still have the closeness of the friends I made and also others I have made through the VFW Auxiliary and empty links to fill in. What links do you need to fill in for you bracelet of life and learning? What lessons do you still have to learn and excel at? It is never to late to make friends, set a goal and go forward.

Belated birthday wishes to Justin Gallegos, Vicky Gallegos and birthday wishes to Velma Toni Cole.

There will be no meals or bus at Sunset Meadows 1 today due to observation of Veterans Day. Noon potluck will be held Friday at Sunset Meadows 1.

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