Mary Jo Brown: Heartfelt holidays |

Mary Jo Brown: Heartfelt holidays

Mary Jo Brown
Mary Jo Brown

The holiday season seems to be going by faster this year. Christmas is right around two corners and a lamppost. Thanksgiving Day gives me pause to think back of other gatherings and the legacy and traditions followed and of the abundance of an authentic contentment that was complete and good.

Cherish the memories and give praise to the giver of all good. Regardless of what is going on around us or to us, we have so much to share. At times I am depressed, but when I look around my home, I see that I have so much to be thankful for, to smile about and to share.

This is the season of plenty; all we have is all we need as long as we have hope, love and faith. I find I get through my worries or challenges because of the goodness of family, friends and having good neighbors. Someone close to call on, when ever I need, they are there. Yes, some changes have been made throughout the years, some ties broken, and growing distance among family, but it still is possible to draw close to those we love if we plan for it. It takes a lot of heartfelt moments and forgiveness in some instances to make things right. We have to be willing to forgive and need to realize that anger, grudges and that kind of hurt is a unproductive use of energy that accomplishes nothing for anyone. Prayer is one of the most fruitful ways to get through anything. I have come a long way on my road, and Thanksgiving for me is no longer just a day. Instead, it is another opportunity to reopen the pages of things I am blessed with in the chapters of my life. If I keep my home and heart open, I will have all I need, and when life gets hard, all I have to do is pray for the strength to go on and give thanks for all I have.

Birthday wishes to Randall St. Louis and Helen Chamberlain.

Get well wishes to all those ill and recovering.

Noon potluck at Sunset Meadows is on Friday. The Senior bus also is back to its regular schedule.

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