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Mary Jo Brown: Enjoy your own backyard

Mary Jo Brown
Mary Jo Brown

Now and then when I am watching television a program comes on about landscapes. I was fortunate enough to find one about “America the Beautiful” last week.

The program began by showing a part of the plains in the Midwest then moved on to the Rocky Mountains.

Pikes Peak was featured in all its magnificent best wearing a new coat of snow. The blue sky had clouds casting shadows on the mountain tops. The tour moved on to the top of the peak and changed to an autumn scene. There were the aspens shimmering in the broad expanse of meadows that hugged the trees as a breeze sang thru them. I learned that aspen trees grow in groups because the roots are all connected and are deep underground. Because of the root system if one is chopped down a sprout will soon come up from the existing network of roots.

Yellowstone was the next stop on the tour and the scenery was beautiful and varied between hot springs, forests and meadows. The many animals shown were interesting also and entertaining to watch in their natural habitats.

Glacier National park was featured next and it made my night to see those mountains as I love mountains and all that goes with them. It made me once again wish I had been able to see it in person on my trip to Montana.

What I brought from this program is the thought that as Americans we need to enjoy what we have in our own country while we can. Take time where ever you go to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding areas what ever they may be. Whether in the mountains, plains, desert, on a seashore or swamp do as one person said and “take the time to smell the roses.” There is so much in our own “back yard” that we take for granted and even though the other continents offer a lot also it really isn’t necessary to travel that far to find a different type of scenery or style of living.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Toni Cole, Orie Cook, Diane Malone, Joan Zimmerman, Donna Whitecotton and Gen Schultz.

Get well wishes to Kenny Fleming, Tillie Gallegos and Jean Goldstein

The dining room at Sunset Meadows I is once again open for Moffat County senior citizens to enjoy lunch. Cost is $2.50 per meal or meals on wheels is $3.00, with a potluck also held on Fridays at noon. Just call 970-824-3911 by 9 a.m. on the day you wish to eat and let the kitchen know you are coming.


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