Mary Jo Brown: Elders have a wealth of knowledge if you just listen |

Mary Jo Brown: Elders have a wealth of knowledge if you just listen

Mary Jo Brown

Most people do their “spring cleaning” in the spring — I, however, began in the spring and still am at it. My grandson came by and helped me with the lifting and bending parts. I realize that I am at the point in my life where I no longer can dig into things the way I want to and add to my “round to it” list on a regular basis.

Thinking about this situation I came to a few conclusions, such as it is easy to become depressed if you let yourself dwell on what you can’t do versus what you can do. If I think about the amount of things needing to get done, it’s not too hard to become overwhelmed and upset with myself for getting so far behind. That’s where positive thought comes in. I must tell myself that even though there is a lot to do, I have plenty of time to get it done and can accomplish my goals if I take my time and work at a steady pace.

When my daughter was younger, her favorite animal was a turtle. I am beginning to see the advantage of going at a turtle’s pace in that although I move slowly, I still get the job done.

Getting older accompanied with health issues of any kind can become a trial to anyone. I have seen loved ones who start to feel that their time on Earth no longer is of value. They serve no useful purpose and cannot think of why they still are here. It is hard to stay positive and upbeat when in this mindset. If you know someone or are in this position yourself I hope you have the moral support needed to make it through the rough times.

It is important to remember that the elderly have lived through times gone by, have experienced things that no longer are possible to experience simply because the era is gone, the opportunities past. Their wealth of knowledge is priceless, if they get the chance to share it. How many times have I thought to myself that I should have listened to my elders when I had the chance to, how much I could have learned through them. Now it is my turn to try to share what I know and although I can’t physically do what I used to, I still can listen, share ideas, care about my friends and lend an ear or shoulder when needed.

Let’s share happy birthday wishes for Becky Sanchez, Marie Greenwald, Deana Price and Larry Dillon.

Get well, speedy recovery to Marie Greenwald, Iris Ballack, Margie Hibbard and Margaret Thompson.

Sunset Meadows I will be going under construction in the near future for floor repairs in the kitchen. Information will be coming soon on the dates and how to get meals when this happens. For now, remember to join us Fridays at noon for potluck.

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