Mary Jo Brown: Don’t cast verbal stones |

Mary Jo Brown: Don’t cast verbal stones

Mary Jo Brown

Now that the elections are over, the phone has gotten some rest from people calling at all hours. There were those who called to ask if I had voted, or gave me information on who to vote for and why, or told me why not to vote for so and so or this amendment or that one. My reply usually was that I don’t talk politics and it wasn’t really anyone’s business. There are certain subjects that I just don’t debate such as politics, religion and other peoples’ business, which is on the top of the list. We all do something that someone won’t agree with, and when that’s the case, there are those that feel the need to make some remark in an insulting or harmful way. The casting of those verbal stones hurts because the person being remarked about will eventually hear them. Gossip about someone is never a good idea and often spreads falsehoods and ill will toward people. The bible says “let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” We shouldn’t go around talking negatively about someone else. We need to look at our own behaviors, habits and the way we live before we speak about others. No one is perfect.

In our day-to-day interaction with others we hear a lot of conversations, some positive, some negative. It seems lately from what I have noticed that whatever the subject, the tone of the conversations seems to be more negative than positive and even depressive in some cases. I wonder how anyone can live in that state of mind. Usually most of those with the negative attitudes will say they don’t get along with people very well or that they don’t care about whatever subjects. I say everyone and every situation probably has a good side, and we need try to see what it is, because an aggressive attitude causes others to adopt an aggressive attitude. A lot of the problems with bullying start with the negative attitudes put upon someone who has low self-esteem. They then choose to react by using that anger and resentment to make someone else feel bad, thinking that will make them feel worth more. The choice to get along better has to start with someone, so why not have it start with us? If you get rebuked, just keep on trying — in the long run you will win. By making the choice to spread goodwill, you will feel better about yourself, and maybe you will end up making new friends or brighten someone’s day. It’s worth a try anyway. Let’s not wait for a holiday to choose to be kinder and more giving — it needs to be an everyday habit.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Orie Cook, Heidi Mayring, Vicki Gallegos and all those with early November birthdays.

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