Mary Jo Brown: Bringing ‘jolly’ into Christmas |

Mary Jo Brown: Bringing ‘jolly’ into Christmas

Mary Jo Brown

’Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, and so goes the song. What is it to “be jolly?” The mind brings up images of joyful, festive, merry or even plump and agreeable in appearance. Can I be in the jolly mood right now? I don’t think so. The timing just isn’t right, and it’s not something I can just turn on because we are approaching Christmas. There are things to do to get ready for Christmas, buying of presents, sending cards, and then there are life’s daily problems that still are not resolved. Add to this the end of the year situations to deal with and jolly isn’t so easily achieved. I am trying to get there though. I’ve started watching the Christmas programs, listening to Christmas music and singing along. My daughters came over and decorated my apartment and the beauty of the fallen snow outside my window adds to that decor.

My body however doesn’t care what holiday is nearing — all it knows is that the zero temperatures aggravate some conditions. For many of us, getting around is not going to be very easy with the cold, ice and unsure footing. It makes a great time of the year for the giving that we are all supposed to be doing. In this case, I mean the giving of your time, energy and caring for those that can’t do what they want to. If you are able to go and shovel someone’s sidewalk, go to the store for them, bring them a warm meal so they don’t have to stand so long to get dinner, go that extra little bit to make an elderly or ill person’s life just a little better. It is sad that we are bombarded with the meaning of Christmas right now, and it isn’t thought of as a year round practice.

I have not reached “jolly” yet, but I have reached content at least 90 percent of the time and maybe, hidden in there, my jolly actually is called happy. All my days don’t rate a 100 percent but there is no guarantee of a 100 percent day. I will be glad to just be happy and keep on doing what I do; singing whether it is the season or not, getting ready for Christmas and the celebration of Christ’s birthday — the real reason for the season.

Happy birthday to Vanessa Zurita, Keith Keller, Trey Gallegos, Victoria Ganskow, John Furman, Adalyn Ogden and Mike Buttonham.

The Food Bank of the Rockies Pantry will be at the Boys & Girls Club of Craig from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Tuesday and the TEPAP commodities will be there. Bring your identification if you qualify and bags or boxes to carry your food.

Sunset Meadows I potluck is at noon Friday. See y’all there.

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