Mary Jo Brown: Appreciating pros and cons |

Mary Jo Brown: Appreciating pros and cons

Mary Jo Brown

Last month, I had a slight setback heath wise and spent some time away from home in rehab. Due to a change in my ability to get around, I was told I needed to use a wheelchair on my bad days, which resulted in my moving to a wheelchair accessible apartment in my building. In the process of moving, some of the projects that I had put on hold reappeared, one of which was my embroidering. Embroidery is a hobby I have enjoyed since I was young and have shared the results of my projects with family and friends in the form of gifts as finished pillowcases, tablecloths, quilts and so on. Unfortunately, with age also comes a less steady hand and eyesight that is not quite what it used to be, which makes progress a little slower but no less enjoyable. I have decided to put finishing my embroidery at the top of the list of things to do.

I’m glad to be home again and am settling into my new place, although I haven’t quite figured out where everything is yet since my daughters moved me while I was away. Several people have asked me if I’m glad to be home, which I am, but I also know that I had to be away to receive the care that was needed at the time. I met people I found to be very amiable, well trained and did their jobs well. I met patients or residents that became friends and was also able to spend time with some who were already very good friends. There are a few things I actually miss from being there, such as not having to cook, the activities with other residents and, strangely enough, the noise and hustle and bustle. There are pros and cons to both living situations, just as in most things in life, so I try to appreciate the pros and deal with the cons.

One of the interesting parts of my life is that seldom do I meet anyone who remains a stranger for very long — they may not be friends in the true sense of the word but are no longer strangers either. Although I may not talk to everyone I see, especially if I don’t know them, I send them a smile, which goes a long way and makes me feel better knowing I might have made someone’s day a little brighter. Like the song says, “let a smile be your umbrella on a rainy, rainy day; and why wait for a rainy day to spread the sunshine every day, it will make you as well as those around you feel better.”

I would like to say “thank you” to all those who sent get well cards, called or visited me while I was at Sandrock Ridge last month, I greatly appreciated the outpouring of support and the sunshine you brought into my days.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Chuck Zimmerman, Anthony Zurita and all those with birthdays this week.

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