Mary Dean Stevenson: Watch your speed |

Mary Dean Stevenson: Watch your speed

To the editor:

I am the mother of four small children, and I am happy to raise them in a small town. But I would like to remind everyone that just because we live in a small town doesn’t mean we drive like we live in a fast-paced metropolitan area. We all have busy days and can end up running late to where we were supposed to be 10 minutes ago. I am writing to ask you to stop, look both ways and drive the speed limit. My street on the east side of town is posted 25 miles per hour, but the average is about 45 mph with the monitors occasionally placed by the city. I hope we can set an example for ourselves and our teen drivers to follow the proper speed limits. This is Craig America, after all, and it takes what, maybe 10 minutes to get across town through a total of 10 stoplights?

My children are not allowed in the front yard without a parent due to the need for speed up our hill. I am not above reminding you to shut it down while you go racing by. With summer around for a little longer, and school gearing to start back up, just pause, look and think while driving.

Mary Dean Stevenson