Marvin Cattoor: Kendall owed apology |

Marvin Cattoor: Kendall owed apology

To the editor:

I feel the Division of Wildlife owes an apology to Mr. Richard Kendall for the way they have handled the now infamous bear hunt. This has become a vigilante party out to hang Mr. Kendall.

The Division of Wildlife stated that it is unethical to shoot a bear in a den. They didn’t say the bear was denned up — they just made it sound that way.

Many wild animals have various holes and caves they used year-round. This does not mean this is their home or den used for hibernation.

Was the bear in its hibernation den? Maybe – maybe not. Who really knows.

Bears from the time they awake from hibernation are in a constant state of preparation for the next hibernation season. It is an ongoing, continual cycle in their life. Bears go into the state of hibernation at different times depending on the temperature and seasonal cues the weather gives it.

This bear was still out in the foraging stage, tracking food and eating, not in the hibernation stage and denned up.

Mr. Kendall followed those tracks from a bear still out looking for food.

Also, Mr. Kendall stated the bear looked at him, pinned his ears back, and was popping his jaws – typical bear behavior – but not when the bear is hibernating.

The Division of Wildlife has a hunting season for cow Elk that is about 2 months or more. This doesn’t start until after the breeding season is over and the cow Elk are pregnant and carrying next year’s calves.

Is this ethical? Depends on who you talk to, but is it legal? Apparently so.

There is still a place for hunting in this society today. And it is still accepted as ethical in our society today. The Division of Wildlife set the guidelines for a legal and ethical hunt. Mr. Kendall followed those guidelines.

The Division of Wildlife stated “this was a legally harvested bear,” but because of other statements and the way they were worded and printed, people have let their imagination fill in what they left out or inferred. Thus the start of this vigilante mentality.

If the Division of Wildlife will not apologize to Mr. Kendall, I will.

I am sorry the Division of Wildlife did not state all the facts straight out. I am sorry the people who wrote the articles that were published put in their own version of the story, and made this hunt something that it was not.

I am sorry for the people who read these articles and took them as fact, and joined in something they didn’t have the facts to, only the hearsay of how others felt about things. It is easy to see how men were actually hanged by the vigilante mentality — people get caught up in the hearsay.

Bottom line: Mr. Kendall harvested this bear in an ethical and legal manner.

Thank you.

Marvin Cattoor

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