Mariner statement may jeopardize re-opening of nursing home |

Mariner statement may jeopardize re-opening of nursing home

To the Editor:

It has been brought to my attention that Valley View may have a difficult time reopening. My team has been in contact with the state health department. Apparently they are hesitant of licensing the building under new management as a nursing facility due to Mariner Healthcare stating the reason for closing the facility was the “inability to maintain competent staffing.”

We as concerned individuals and co-workers know this in fact was not all true. There are two sides to every story and apparently Mariner Healthcare’s side has put re-opening Valley View or any other long-term care facility in Moffat County in a difficult situation with many obstacles to overcome. Because of this we need to prove to the state health department that our county in fact has competent and skilled individuals to maintain and to keep a long-term care facility highly functionable for years to come.

The first step of this process is going to be individuals within our county and previous residents, family members, and employees to write letters stating WHY a long-term care facility is needed in our county. Also, in this letter needs to be an explanation for employees, family member’s, and residents of experiences, education and learned skills, but most importantly why caring for individuals in long-term care is important.

If we are to re-open Valley View or any other long-term care facility in our county we must prove our community support. Most employees of Mariner Healthcare know that it was not all the “inability to maintain competent staffing.” In fact, they all know that it was the lack of Mariner Healthcare in supporting our facility and their incompetent regional staffing that shut our doors.

Granted, we did have a few individuals that were a bit challenging, but we in fact corrected those issues promptly. When Valley View’s doors were shut and locked to the outside world, Mariner also shut out the most highly competent staff Valley View had ever had as well the most supportive and caring families and residents.

Once again here we are proving to the state that our community is NOT a bunch of country hicks, and that we in fact have some of the most skilled and competent individuals in this state to maintain and care for individuals in a long-term care facility. Friends, we have to come together and get supportive of Valley View reopening.

Since the closure of the facility, we have lost four of our residents, one of which was my uncle. Our community’s long-term residents of Valley View are going to continue to die from natural causes or possibly loneliness of not being close to their families and friends. My uncle was one who died alone without his family near him.

If our community historians are going to die, it only makes sense to have them die in peace in their own community and near there support system.

I ask again for your support in helping my team to re-open Valley View.

Thank you for your support and lending an ear. I will be developing a petition for all supporters to sign. The location of the petitions are pending at this time. I will address the location of the petitions in the Craig Daily Press.

If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to talk please feel free to contact me.


Tracey Behrman,


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