Marilynn Hill: Wake up candidates |

Marilynn Hill: Wake up candidates

To the editor:

I have begun to see a number of advertisements online and in the newspaper for candidates vying for the Moffat County Commissioner race, District 3. One recent ad was accompanied by a video indicating the candidate was a “Second Amendment advocate” and proceeded to show the candidate at various gun functions, as well as displaying memberships to numerous gun organizations. Now, I grew up shooting, have a strong respect for guns and own a number of them myself, but I have to put the question out there: What does being a “Second Amendment advocate” have anything to do with running for commissioner in Moffat County? Truly, I wish the candidates would just stick to the issues of the county that they can impact such as roads, schools, taxes, tourism, health care, economic development, transportation, etc.

It is easy to say that you are for something such as the United States Bill of Rights, after all, who is not for the U.S. Constitution? I think instead of throwing out statements and making fancy videos based in fear about what you are for or against, how about addressing issues such as to how to keep the leakage of more than 1 million dining dollars from leaving Moffat to Routt last year alone? How are you going to work toward, meaning what are the steps you propose, delivering life-enhancing transportation options for the citizens of our rural community? What are your plans to work within and outside the county and its partners to attract good health care providers and have them stay? How do we turn Moffat County from a single industry primary job provider into a multiple industry primary job provider so that we don’t continue to experience the boom/bust cycles of the past that have been so devastating to our community? How will you work with not only your fellow commissioners to move Moffat from last place of healthy counties in Colorado to the top 10, but with like-minded entities across the state to change this number? These are just a few of the issues that come to mind in selecting our next Moffat County commissioner. 

It must be put out there that it is not the number of meetings you have attended throughout the years, nor the memberships to organizations that you hold, truly it goes much deeper. The question begs, “What have you accomplished within the community as a result of these activities and how has this knowledge improved both the overall community economically and the electorate individually and at large?”

Is it too much to ask our commissioners to delve into the murky waters of non-political gain to effect real change, after all, it is difficult and seemingly thankless work. Those aren’t sexy hot-button words or photo-ops, but it’s exactly those types of words and the corresponding actionable work that directly impact my family on a daily basis.

Marilynn Hill

Moffat County

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