Mari Katherine Raftopoulos: Spontaneously consistent |

Mari Katherine Raftopoulos: Spontaneously consistent

Mari Katherine Raftopoulos

After my most recent trip to Chicago for my best friend’s brother’s wedding, I realized that I have yet to spend one full weekend in my new city and in my new home.

Between weddings, football games, birthdays and homecoming, my time here is flying by.

This Halloween weekend will mark the first weekend that my roommate and I have spent together in our new house.

I am looking forward to waking up in my bed on Saturday morning, hanging up my family and travel photos, and putting together flower arrangements for the living room. I am looking forward to having this downtime.

After a long weekend of spontaneous adventures, new friends, and unique food and drinks, I start to look forward to my routine starting on Mondays.

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While it never gets easier to wake up Monday mornings, something about starting the week with a fresh cup of coffee, great music and a typical commute gives me comfort to know that when everything falls into disarray, I can fall back on this routine.

Adapting to this transition has taught me that with a routine comes consistency.

My days are never the same during the week, but having this consistent schedule in my life helps keep me grounded. With all the recent changes in my life, what I yearned for the most is consistency.

I wanted consistent answers, consistent relationships and a consistent schedule. Then I realized that at the end of the day, nothing is ever consistent.

In fact, because of all the variables that influence every minute of our days, the only thing that can be consistently consistent is our happiness.

Even on the bad days, being happy is mental.

I was the first of my friends to depart from Chicago, and everyone piled into the car to send me off, including the dog.

Again, the variables of life got in the way and we were stuck in the middle of terrible traffic so much so that I was on the verge of missing my flight.

It came down to me being dropped off in the middle of the street in Chicago with my little pink suitcase and a one-way subway ticket.

And while the circumstances were not positive, we were lost in the confusion of the hustle of the city and couldn’t stop laughing.

“Really, guys, you are just going to leave me here in the middle of this big city? Remember, I grew up in Craig. I can’t do this,” I said.

They waved goodbye to me as they drove away and reminded me that in the big picture, considering my recent feats, this was not that complicated.

I can see our lives already transitioning into this new chapter. Now we see each other’s new cities and homes. Now we will be in each other’s weddings or meeting each other’s new boyfriends.

Spontaneous weekends are where we reconnect. And spontaneous moments in our new routines are where we stay consistent.

With consistency comes follow through, and as hard as it is to conclude a special weekend and begin a work week on Monday, I am happy to know that even in my routine, I will still have missed flights, awkward moments and random occurrences that always keep me guessing.

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