Margaret Culverwell: Seniors grateful for gifts |

Margaret Culverwell: Seniors grateful for gifts

To the editor:

This recent weekend, gifts were delivered to seniors in our county who participated in the Christmas for Seniors program.

The impact that this program has on applicants is almost indescribable. Some seniors actually wait in anticipation of the knock on their door for the delivery of their gift.

I’d like the community to know that the recipients were extremely grateful for the gifts. They were also very touched that their community cared enough to make sure they had a gift to open on Christmas morning.

For some seniors, being home alone is not enjoyable and your donations certainly helped brighten their day. When they were presented with their gifts, their faces lit up, huge smiles appeared and on several occasions, their eyes swelled up with tears of happiness.

It’s an overwhelming experience to deliver your gifts to the seniors.

The Christmas for Seniors mission is to ensure that Moffat County senior citizens who fill out an application have a gift to open Christmas morning.

Without a doubt, this year was a success as 350 seniors benefited from the program, whether it was in the form of a gift, a free meal or Meals on Wheels meal tickets.

I would not be able to maintain and operate this program without the generosity of this community and your donations at the KRAI Holiday Drive and the Giving Trees at Kmart and Murdoch’s. A special thank you to everyone who helped me this year in one way or another.

I truly thank you all. You made a difference this Christmas for a senior.

Last but not least, I would like to thank Frank and Tammie Hanel, Mike Fuller and the staff at KRAI. An endless amount of time and effort goes into the preparation of the Holiday Drive that the community never sees or hears about. They all have big hearts and deserve a huge thank you.

Margaret Culverwell

Director, Christmas for Seniors


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