Many hours of giving earn Robin Schiffbauer Best Volunteer |

Many hours of giving earn Robin Schiffbauer Best Volunteer

Robin Schiffbauer enjoys the silence of St. Michael's Catholic Church, where she has done much of the volunteer work that got her voted Best Community Volunteer in Best of Moffat County. Among the projects she's helped with is the Community Kitchen.
Andy Bockelman

A giving spirit can be found in many small-town residents, but the people of Moffat County recognized one of Craig’s most selfless as the Best Community Volunteer.

Robin Schiffbauer took the title this year as the area’s most active do-gooder, having a hand in many facets of Craig that strive to improve the lives of others.

A day job as office manager of Moffat Family Clinic is one that sees her aiding the sick, but it’s the tasks that don’t come with a paycheck that helped earn her the honor, primarily her work with St. Michael’s Catholic Church.

Schiffbauer helped found the church’s Community Kitchen, which regularly provides meals for residents from all walks of life. Additionally, she chairs the board for the supervisory committee of St. Michael’s credit union, serves on the finance committee for the church and assists with youth group.

“The Holy Spirit just said, ‘this is what you need to be doing,’ and God has given me lots of energy,” she said. “Even when I don’t feel like I have enough time, it seems to work.”

Were it not for the plethora of people who also volunteer their time for things like the Community Kitchen, she might have more difficulty, and Schiffbauer credited the many folks who make it a success.

Not all her efforts are faith-based — she also participates in Craig Rotary Club and is the board treasurer for the Craig Chamber of Commerce.

Whether through a church or other avenues, it’s the work that happens and the difference it can make in the community that matters, though.

“Just seeing progress and projects done, hopefully in a positive way,” Schiffbauer said of her motivation.

Schiffbauer has lived in Craig for 37 years, and it was once her daughters Crystal, 36, and Andrea, 30, were involved in school and activities like 4-H and dance that she and her husband, Martin, started the foray into volunteering.

In recent years, both Rotary and Moffat County United Way have recognized her as a standout volunteer, though she prefers to remain humble.

“Mostly I would just like to thank the community for giving me such an honorable, special award,” she said. “Each time it’s wonderful. I love my community, and I hope it shows that in being who I am I’ve left Craig better than I found it. I think with God’s help, it’ll all be the way it’s supposed to be.”

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