Manfred J. Woog: Ongoing issues at TMH |

Manfred J. Woog: Ongoing issues at TMH

To the editor:

It really saddens me as well as my wife that so may doctors that we have come to know and trust, like Drs. Huffmire, Reishus, Crowe, Roberts, Phillips, Pense, Ossen and Rice, have recently left TMH, not to retire, but to take their medical skills to other communities.

What an enormous loss this has been to our Craig and Moffat County community.

“Craig Daily Press This is our Hospital Monday December 17” Hats off to Al Cashion for his backbone and comments, our sentiment exactly. We need more people with backbones to stand up for what we see and feel is wrong particularly with our own TMH administration and board.

The board may have chosen to contract Quorum Health Systems to provide executive administration but they do not own TMH and our board should have the necessary backbone and common sense to direct them in the direction to what we feel is fair and just for our good and valued staff of Doctors and not each and every one given the option of “My Way or the Highway attitude and method of conduct”.

In summary, this leaves us without at least nine doctors and surgeons that the residents in our community for many of the past years have chosen to put their proven experience, trust and faith into.

In all of the three part articles examining all of the doctor issues, not one was directly addressed by the board with an intelligent and qualified answer. At best the answers given by the administration was mere smooth mouth exercise to how well they and everything at TMH is doing.

In my eyes, and I am sure in many others in our community, this is sidestepping and evading the issues raised by those questions. It most certainly directs our focus with more doubt and more serious question regarding the qualification and backbone of our own administration.

Something to remember for those the shoe fits: You should consider to treat everyone you meet on your way up the ladder with respect and kindness, and don’t forget them … because you’ll meet those same exact people on your way back down on the other side.

As far my wife and myself are concerned we are now forced to look at Yampa Valley Medical Center to move our records and research finding a new relationship with a well-seasoned and experienced surgeon that we can put our faith and trust into for should those needs arise again, God forbid.

We are certainly not going to just let anyone on temporary assignment duty perform surgery on us, nor anyone who is presently employed at TMH either.

Manfred J. Woog

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