Man suffers from gunshot wound outside City Hall |

Man suffers from gunshot wound outside City Hall

Tyler Baskfield

The Craig Police Department didn’t have far to go to investigate a shooting Tuesday. One could say it was curb side service.

Thomas Kistler, 19, was waiting outside Craig City Hall in his father’s pick-up truck while his father was taking care of some business inside. According to Lt. John Forgay of the Craig Police Department, Kistler was handling his father’s .22-caliber pistol. The gun discharged and went through Kistler’s leg at the calf. The slug was recovered in the floorboard of the truck by Craig Police Department investigators. Kistler was treated at The Memorial Hospital and released. According to Forgay, there are no charges being pressed in the case.

“There aren’t any charges at this time,” said Forgay. “I think the kid was old enough to know better.”


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