Man shoots lion outside of Craig |

Man shoots lion outside of Craig

Tyler Baskfield

There are lots of different cats prowling around Craig, but the kind of cat that a group of hunters found earlier in December wasn’t the kind that curls up on your lap.

A 100-pound female mountain lion was shot on Dec. 8 nearly a mile north of town.

Bob Lefler, Blake Gaylord and John Baysinger decided to hunt an area north of town after they discovered four fresh deer kills within a 100-yard radius of each other. The dead deer included a four-point buck, a spike buck and two does. The hunters covered up the tracks around the freshest kill and waited for the cat to return.

Baysinger estimated that the deer were all killed within a week of each other.

They used three dogs to track the mountain lion. According to Baysinger, even though it wasn’t considered a large cat, it had a few tricks up its sleeve.

“He treed five different times before we could catch up to him,” said Baysinger. “The cat also kept back tracking and circling over its own tracks so the dogs would have to re-find the scent.”

Once the group of hunters finally caught up to the animal it still wasn’t willing to go quietly.

“It was a tough cat,” said Baysinger. “The dogs climbed up into the tree after it and it swatted one. The dog just laid there for a little bit. I thought the dog was dead, but it got back up. I think it was just knocked out for a little bit.”