Man forming coalition of taxpayers to help commissioners make decisions |

Man forming coalition of taxpayers to help commissioners make decisions

To the Moffat County
Board of Commissioners:
We were in attendance at the Sept. 30 meeting for a short time, just long enough to make some observations as follows:
The planning director talked about a proposed luncheon date with contractors to discuss (new?) building codes. If I understood her correctly, she is prepared to pay for this luncheon. I must assume this is paid for with county funds or tax payer dollars. (Please tell me if it isn’t so!)
Also, you must remember you gave her your permission to talk to those pilgrims down at Dodge City, oh I meant Dinosaur. Another make work project?
Before we left the courthouse, I discovered that the Moffat County administrator’s office now has three assistants. Golly gee, that is more people than are assigned to a real job, i.e. county treasurer, county assessor’s office.
Finally and at the expense of sounding like a male chauvinist, at the county attorney’s office, one female, a full-time lawyer and a female paralegal assistant to replace a very able male attorney who was working on a part-time basis. This at the extreme expense equating to five to six times more than it was three years ago.
We are forming a coalition of taxpayers, just to help you make decisions. We need some ideas for a good acronym for the title. So far we have a couple.
MOCO CRAP: Moffat County Citizens Requiring Alternate Procedures.
TRAP: Taxpayer’s Representing Advanced Propositions or Taxpayer’s Recommending Alternate Procedures.
Other ideas for a acronym would be appreciated. Keep it clean!
Paul Bishop

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