Man feels ‘singled out’ in alleged drug case |

Man feels ‘singled out’ in alleged drug case

Amy Hamilton

Craig Liljedahl thinks law enforcement is trying to use charges against him as an example over more nefarious criminals.

“They try to make us out to be the biggest drug dealers in town,” the Craig man said Monday before a hearing in his alleged drug case. “We’re not saying we’re angels, but there’s a lot of others who are a lot worse than us.”

Liljedahl, 38, and his wife, Katherine Liljedahl, 35, were arrested June 1 after a raid by officials from Grand, Routt and Moffat Narcotics Enforcement Team on their Shadow Mountain Home.

An attorney for Craig Liljedahl told the judge Mon-day she needs more time to discuss options of a plea agreement. Craig Liljedahl said outside of court Monday that he wanted to take his case to trial.

Craig Liljedahl was charged with possession of a controlled Schedule 2 substance of greater than one gram and distribution of a Schedule 2 controlled substance.

Katherine Liljedahl struck a plea deal earlier this month, pleading guilty to a lesser charge of attempted distribution of a controlled substance.

She was sentenced to five years supervised probation and 41 days in jail making a total of 90 days counting time already spent in custody. She will participate in a substance abuse program, serve 200 hours of community service and pay fines of $3,000.

Chief District Judge Michael O’Hara said at the time that Katherine escaped prison time largely because the couple has two children, ages, 13 and 14. O’Hara said he wanted to refrain from creating the possibility that both parents could be sent to prison.

Craig Liljedahl said he’s lost two jobs because of the publicity of his case, and he feels “like we’re being singled out.”

Neither have previous offenses.

Search warrants and arrest affidavits have been sealed in the case.

Craig police Officer Dusty Schulze of GRAMNET has said the case is under investigation but “there were no real drug quantities found.” He has said the arrests were based on drug paraphernalia and other items found.

Moffat County District Attorney Mike Stern said he couldn’t speak about what the terms of plea deal might be in Craig Liljedahl’s case.

Either a plea deal will be reached or the defendant will decide to take his case to trial during an Oct. 11 hearing.

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