Man caught with explosives awaits trial, still held in jail |

Man caught with explosives awaits trial, still held in jail

Christina M. Currie

Rickyle Smith, 37, is still sitting in Moffat County Jail awaiting a trial.

Charges were filed against Smith for possession of a weapon, possession of explosives, criminal attempt, four counts of menacing and two counts of child abuse resulting in injury. The charges came after a domestic violence complaint when his live-in girlfriend called the police to turn in what she believed was an explosive device. The device was taken into custody on July 31.

The 14th Judicial District Attorney Office said Smith has waved his right to a preliminary hearing and is scheduled for arraignment at 2:15 p.m. Nov. 1 on the first of his three separate cases at Moffat County Courthouse. According to David Waite, deputy district attorney, Smith is being represented by Norm Townsend, a public defender.

Waite said the district attorney’s office has given Smith the option of a plea bargain.

“I think we have made him some sort of an offer, but we’re obviously taking these charges pretty seriously,” said Waite.

Police were surprised by the complexity of the explosive device. The police also found a .410-guage shotgun and a film canister filled with black powder. The U.S. Army Bomb Squad from Fort Carson near Colorado Springs was called to detonate the device.