Making a plan |

Making a plan

City, county join forces to outline long-term goals and future development

Josh Nichols

The city of Craig and Moffat County have hired Martin Landers and Associates from Fort Collins to develop a new master plan that will outline the long-term development goals for the two entities and how they want to coincide.

The project is going to cost about $80,000.

Half of the tab will be picked up courtesy of a Mineral and Oil Energy Impact Grant approved about two months ago that equaled about $41,000.

The county and city will split the rest of the cost, which equals a little less than $20,000 a piece.

Local officials said there is a need for a new master plan that coordinates regulations between the city and county in the area of development.

The current plan is 20 years old, and outdated, said Moffat County Planning Department Director Sue Graler.

When the new document is developed, it will be tweaked and updated more in coming years than the current plan is, Graler said.

“With the new one, we will want to continually update it every three to five years,” she said.

An example of the need for a new plan is the fact that the current one estimated that Craig would have a population of between 20 and 25,000 by now, Graler said.

“The plans set forth 20 years ago need to be adjusted,” she said.

The plan will address development issues for Craig and Moffat County and what the two entities want to work toward in regard to growth, she said.

It will address the infrastructure of the city in relation to development in the county.

“We need to ask the question of how much the city wants to expand its services and what is feasible,”

she said.

City Councilman Don Jones serves on the committee exploring the issue of getting a new master plan.

“This will get the city and county on the same page,” Jones said.

This issue might be important to those who are considering building outside of the Craig city limits.

“Anything built outside the city but still in the county should coincide as far as streets and landscaping,” he said. “They’ll develop something that both the city and county can live with.”

Jones said he did not think there would be more regulations imposed outside of the city, but instead regulations would just be more consistent.

A workshop will be held Aug. 21 between city and county officials to discuss what they want to see in the plan.

Officials will take the plan developed in that meeting and then present it to the public.

Public meetings have been scheduled for Sept. 4 in Craig, Sept. 5 in Maybell and maybe Sept. 11 in Dinosaur.

The meeting in Dinosaur has not been officially set, but Graler said a meeting would be held there at some point.

“We’ll take information from the workshop and ask for input regarding growth and development in Craig and Moffat County,” Graler said.

This is an issue that could have an affect on everyone, Graler said.

“Growth could affect the character of our community, which affects everyone,” she said. “We need to take a look at the current population and get a realistic look of where we are.”

If people are concerned about growth in Craig and Moffat County they might want to bring their concerns to the meetings, Graler said.

“There’s been a lot of discussion about rural preservation,” she said. “It’s sure to be at the top of the list.”

The goal is to have the project completed by February or March of 2003, Graler said.

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