Mail contractors get national recognition |

Mail contractors get national recognition

Tyler Baskfield

According to the U.S. Postal Service, Craig residents George and Ann Kidder are two of the best at getting mail through rain, sleet and snow.

George and Ann Kidder have been selected by the Postal Service as recipients of the Eagle Spirit Award. The award recognizes excellent service to the mail service and only two awards are given out each year in the western half of the United States.

The award is given as a way to nationally recognize outstanding contributions of people who deliver mail under contract. High customer satisfaction and being classified as added value contractors also helped the Kidders obtain the award.

The Kidders have been contract mail carriers in Northwest Colorado for the past two years. Previously they worked in Florida delivering mail under contract since 1983. Contract mail carriers pick up unsorted mail from a post office and deliver it to another post office and in the afternoon bring back out-going mail. Most of the mail going to and from Northwest Colorado is in the Kidders’ hands at some time. The Kidders’ day starts at 3:30 a.m. when they pick up mail from the Glenwood Springs post office. The mail is then sorted down to two routes where they split up and deliver it to post offices in Craig, Rifle, Meeker, Hayden and Hamilton. During the day, once the routes are done, the Kidders install carpet in Craig until it is time to pick up the mail from the Northwest Colorado post offices and deliver it back to Glennwood Springs.

One of the Kidders’ trucks completes this route six days of the week and the other truck does it seven days each week. In the past two years the Kidders have never missed a route and have gone out of their way to help with the mail by picking up extra routes when necessary.

“Whatever it takes to get the mail through we try and do,” said George Kidder. “It is like that saying, through rain, through sleet, through snow.”

George and Ann Kidder have gone through their share of rain, sleet and snow in the past two years, and coming from Florida it took some adjusting, according to George, but they’re starting to get used to it.

Willie Torres, contract transportation specialist for the western area, believes the Kidders are every bit deserving of the prestigious award.

“They are very reliable. We can always depend on them to do extra trips,” said Torres. “We’re very proud of them and we hope they stay with us for many years to come.”