Magic show at MCHS auditorium raises funds for Humane Society |

Magic show at MCHS auditorium raises funds for Humane Society

Ben McCanna
Magician Lanny Kibbey looks on as assistant Jessica Bohrer emerges unscathed from a box. Minutes earlier, six volunteers from the audience had plunged swords into the container. The magic show, a fundraiser for the Moffat County Humane Society, was held Sunday at the Moffat County High School auditorium.
Ben McCanna

Magician Lanny Kibbey was raised by clowns.

“My parents were professional clowns,” Kibbey said. “A lot of people say their parents are clowns, but mine actually were.”

Kibbey started practicing magic when he was 8 years old and performed his first professional show alongside his father when he was 12.

“I’ve been working professionally for over 30 years,” said Kibbey, who lives in Houston, Texas.

On Sunday, Kibbey brought that wealth of experience to the auditorium at Moffat County High School. During the show, the magician performed card tricks, levitated a 3-year-old audience member, made his assistant disappear and more. The event was a fundraiser for the Moffat County Humane Society.

Don Williams, president of the Moffat County Humane Society, said the annual event raises “around $1,000 for us every year.”

Kibbey said he aims for the magic show to be family oriented and involve audience participation.

“My magic show is particularly slanted with kids in mind,” Kibbey said. “I kind of relate it to a Bugs Bunny cartoon, where it’s humor for the kids but adults get a whole different set of humor out of it.”

Janel Kemp, 11, was one of the volunteers from the audience. Kibbey invited Kemp and six other volunteers to the stage to help with a potentially gruesome feat.

“We pushed knives into the box,” Kemp said.

The box appeared to contain Kibbey’s assistant, Jessica Bohrer, but Kemp said she wasn’t worried.

“I knew she would disappear,” Kemp said. “I’ve seen that one before.”

Bohrer said being a magician’s assistant is satisfying work.

“It’s fun. I like to see the expressions on the kids’ faces,” Bohrer said. “They’re mystified.”

Bohrer has been working as a magician’s assistant for two weeks. Sunday’s event was her seventh.

Bohrer said becoming an assistant was easy.

“If you can fit in the box and you’re not claustrophobic, you’re good to go,” she said.

Craig resident Michele Chalmers brought her three sons to the event. After the show, Chalmers’ sons purchased magic kits sold by the Humane Society, and enthusiastically performed tricks outside the auditorium.

“I thought it was pretty good,” Michele Chalmers said of the show. “It was very entertaining.”

Kemp, despite being comfortable driving knives into the box earlier, said she had made up her mind as to whether the show was pure magic or trickery.

“Magic,” she said.


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