Magic Magic raises $1,000 for Humane Society of Moffat County |

Magic Magic raises $1,000 for Humane Society of Moffat County

Nicole Inglis
Magician Lanny Kibby makes Alexa Neton, a 6-year-old girl from Craig, hover during a magic show Saturday night at the Moffat County High School auditorium. The show featured magic acts, tips, dancing and music.
Shawn McHugh

Logan Earle, 8, couldn’t wait to offer his cousin a piece of gum.

Sitting in the Moffat County High School auditorium, waiting for the Magic Magic show to start, Logan had a few tricks of his own up his sleeve.

His new trick pack of gum delivered an uncomfortable electric shock to whoever tried to take a piece, and his cousin, Jesse, was his next victim.

But, as Logan extended the pack of gum toward Jesse, his laughter gave his trick away.

Jesse jerked his hand back before he could get shocked.

Logan’s grandmother, Loretta looked on with amusement as her grandson tried to prank his friends.

“We just wanted to come and see how much fun it was and enjoy ourselves,” Loretta said about her night out with her grandson.

Magic Magic is a traveling magic show, owned by Midwest Entertainment, designed to help raise money for civic organizations across the country.

About 200 people attended the magic show Saturday, which benefited the Humane Society of Moffat County.

The show raised $1,000 to benefit the Humane Society and gave children in Craig something a little different to do on a Saturday night.

As a line formed outside the auditorium, Kirsty Davis, one of the owners of Midwest Entertainment, helped take tickets, which were free to children younger than 13.

Davis is a musician with the group, and she played her fiddle at interludes during the show.

But she said magic was the main focus of the act.

“The magic show didn’t used to be the whole show,” she said. “It was just a part of it. But we found out that the kids are just entranced with it, so we made it the biggest part of the show.”

She said that since the program began in the mid 1980s, she has seen it succeed. Whether it makes a profit is almost irrelevant, she said.

“Sometimes these shows make money, sometimes they don’t,” Davis said. “But either way, we get to do some good for the community. And it brings something to towns like this that normally wouldn’t get a live show.”

As the auditorium began to fill, many of the children were inspired by the air of magic in the room.

They convinced their parents to buy them magic-themed trinkets the Humane Society was selling, such as the shocking packs of gum, trick card decks and magic wands that lit up with neon colors.

Magician Lanny Kibby wandered the audience before the show, watching the children’s excitement grow as they tried their hands at their own magic tricks.

He said it’s important to incorporate a lot of audience interaction with a younger crowd.

From improvised comedy to animal characters, Kibby had the children jumping out of their seats with excitement and awe.

“Kids like to have a good time,” he said. “They don’t want to just sit there and watch – they get antsy.”

The highlight for many, and Kibby’s favorite part of the show, was when he called a girl on stage and levitated her inches off the stage.

Eight-year-old Burke Henderson was curled in her chair, hoping she wouldn’t be picked.

“I’m not going to do that,” she said. “I’m afraid of heights.”

But she said her favorite part was when Kibby sawed his assistant, Susie Crenshaw, in half.

Crenshaw has been Kibby’s assistant for only a week and a half, but she has no trouble pinpointing the best part of performing magic shows.

“The laughter,” she said. “They just love it. You look out there, and they’re having the time of their lives.”

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