Maddy is top dog at Moffat County Fair’s Wiener Dog Races |

Maddy is top dog at Moffat County Fair’s Wiener Dog Races

Ben Bulkeley

It was a long race, in a way.

Long and low, to be exact.

Dachshunds of all colors and one shape stretched their paws during the Moffat County Fair’s Wiener Dog Races.

On Friday, more than 15 dogs, some with only the shape of a ballpark and barbecue staple in common, competed for the prize at the Moffat County Fairgrounds.

At the end of the day, it was Maddy who was the top dog.

The 9-year-old wiener dog dashed to the finish line the fastest, beating out younger competition.

It was a hard-fought loss for Dan Davidson’s 3-year-old dog, Carmel.

“She lost,” he said after the race, “because she took her eyes off the finish line.”

The pressure proved to be too much for the young sprinter.

“She was scared; she froze up,” Davidson said.

Davidson, along with his daughter, Avery, devised a plan they were sure would guide Carmel to victory.

“I was at the finish line,” Dan said. “We put someone at the other end who doesn’t feed her, so she would run away.”

Avery was at the starting line. She also was Carmel’s personal trainer.

“We trained a little,” she said. “We gave her treats and ran back and forth.”

In the end however, it appeared the roar of the more than 100 people at the races sapped Carmel of her focus.

Joy Daigle, of Craig, said her dog, 3-year-old Boots, wasn’t used to running in front of a crowd.

“He’s never done this before,” Daigle said. “We just let him go.”

It was Boots’ first time running competitively.

“He’s used to running after deer,” Daigle said. “He wasn’t as fast today because he didn’t see a deer.”

One dog with a little more luck was Whitney Wilde’s Vienna, who ran to a third-place finish.

“She did better today than she’s done in past years,” she said. “She’s used to running after goats and cats. If we had a cat in there, she might have won.”

Racing the 3-year-old dog was something Wilde considered for a while.

“It was just something to do,” she said. “I figured I had nothing to do.”

Wilde said she wasn’t sure how racing dachshunds started.

“Probably just because it sounds really funny,” she said. “Wiener dog races sounds funny, and it brings people out.”

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