Macho Volleyball, Powder Puff Football Homecoming events see Moffat County athletes thrive |

Macho Volleyball, Powder Puff Football Homecoming events see Moffat County athletes thrive

Andy Bockelman
For the Craig Press
Sadie Smilanich runs for a touchdown during Wednesday's Powder Puff football game.
Andy Bockelman / For the Craig Press

During the fall sports season at Moffat County High School, athletes generally have the same practice routine in the same spots at campus.

However, during Homecoming Week, things change up a little.

MCHS had exciting exhibition matches as part of Tuesday’s Macho Volleyball and Wednesday’s Powder Puff Football.

The bit of role reversal featured Lady Bulldog volleyball players overseeing boys on the court as well as the MoCo gridiron stars advising girls on the gridiron.

Halle Hamilton runs with the ball during Wednesday's Powder Puff football game.
Andy Bockelman / For the Craig Press

While Powder Puff is a regular part of Homecoming, Macho Volleyball is usually dependent on the guys’ level of interest.

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“We haven’t had it for a while for Homecoming,” senior Logan Hafey said of the volleyball game. “Being able to have one the first night and then the other the next was nice. The girls coach us and then we coach them. We actually had a really good turnout for both of them. Considering how fast Homecoming has come on this year, we’ve had a lot of student participation and school pride, so that’s really cool.”

Rather than their usual shoulder pads and helmets, boys dressed down for volleyball, with four teams bumping, setting and spiking for the crowd.

Boys meet at the net during the Moffat County High School Macho Volleyball game Tuesday.
Andy Bockelman / For the Craig Press

The groups included sports jersey-wearing The Volleyballers, cape-clad Super Sophomores, and Pimpin’ Ain’t Simpin’, whose outfits consisted of personalized shirts, caps and tropical shorts.

However, the tournament went to a squad that went by Volleyball Team 1, winning the final round, a best of three scenario, 15-2 and 15-12.

The group was mainly seniors, including Logan Hafey, Ryan Peck, Carson Miller, Derrick Squires, Taran Teeter, Myles Simpson, Jordan Carlson, and junior Evan Atkin, with coaching by senior varsity volleyball players Jacie Evenson, Reese Weber and Abbe Adams.

Logan Hafey and Myles Simpson both go for a shot at the net during the Macho Volleyball tournament Tuesday.
Andy Bockelman / For the Craig Press

The next night saw three teams take the field on the Bulldog Proving Grounds.

In keeping with the Homecoming theme of superheroes, each group had a nod to superpowers, including Lava Gurls — coached by the Shark Boys — and The Killas, each of whom took their names on the back of their homemade shirts from famous villains from Marvel Comics — Loki, Doctor Doom, Venom — or Disney cartoons — Captain Hook, Ursula, The Queen of Hearts.

However, the winner of the evening wore matching shirts themed after Pixar’s “The Incredibles” complete with domino masks, bearing the equally generic title of Football Team 1.

Reese Weber drops back to pass during the Powder Puff football tournament Wednesday.
Andy Bockelman / For the Craig Press

The fast-paced game action was rougher for some girls than others, and the freshmen of the Lava Gurls took time adjusting to the flag football format.

“I wish this was tackle, to be honest. There were so many times when I wanted to push someone over,” said Victoria Deporto.

A 42-0 blowout over Lava Gurls saw Football Team 1 secure a breather for the next round. The Killas likewise won 14-0 to move on to the championship

Emma Jones runs with the ball during the Powder Puff football tournament Wednesday.
Andy Bockelman / For the Craig Press

“The girls were really aggressive, but it was still really fun,” said Lava Gurl Ashlynn Workman.

A mix of juniors and seniors, most of whom have played Powder Puff together each fall, Football Team 1 proved to be a well-oiled machine in a 21-0 finale.

“It’s nice having a lot of the top track girls on our team, we have a lot of speed,” said Jacie Evenson.

She added that Weber was a reliable anchor for their offense.

“Reese is a really good quarterback, she can read the defense really well,” Evenson said.

The team included seniors Evenson, Weber, Emma Jones and Halle Hamilton, and juniors Alexis Jones, Diana Arellano, Sadie Smilanich, Cayden King, and Lizzy LeWarne, with coaching from Peck, Hafey, Teeter, Simpson and Atkin.

Members of Football Team 1, the champions of the Powder Puff football tournament Wednesday, pose for a photo.
Andy Bockelman / For the Craig Press

Evenson has been on the winning team three of the last four years, and with her final Powder Puff tourney, she enjoyed the physicality as well as the camaraderie.

“We took a lot of hard hits, sure, we kind of expected that, but it was all really fun,” she said.

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