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M2 Minute: Audrey Danner — The satisfaction of serving

A political appointment and a successful election offered me the opportunity to serve as your Moffat County Commissioner.

My role as an elected official in Moffat County was to understand our community issues and offer options for change. The unique position allowed me to know the vast number of public services and information we expect as citizens, how they are paid for and work with our capable staff as they deliver those services each day.

I have had the great fortune to work with a variety of people to explore ideas and develop strategies that helped our community move forward in a unique way. Each person and his or her unique perspective brings value to the conversation.

The learning that occurs with a thoughtful group of interested citizens is so important to decision making.

There were many surprises within the process of understanding an issue. Some people had extensive experience to better define the issue, those with the ability to analyze a topic with no specific right or wrong answer and those with no interest in a conversation but held a strong opinion.

Each offer of an idea, support and willingness to make our county strong was a helpful surprise. As a strong community we can address our issues if we work with our leaders in a healthy debate.

Our recent community conversation regarding our local Memorial Hospital was derailed when we had opinions regarding hospital management, including some opinions without fact, being used to intimidate The Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees, who were charged with resolving those issues.

I have no quarrel with the outcome, but I am dismayed at the uncivil discussion a few unhappy people felt compelled to perpetuate. A civil conversation can be messy and awkward yet produce solutions that resolve concerns.

Sometimes a civic issue is not resolved as we wish. Loudly drowning out all the other unique opinions different from our own simply shows intolerance. These community conversations must include many voices, many opinions and work to the community’s best interest.

We do not have anything to gain by being ‘right’ when our community’s future is at stake.

Moffat County is fortunate to have leaders step forward and lend their skills to serious decision making as we will always have ‘tough issues’ to resolve.

There is satisfaction in serving good people. Certainly I am only one of many who have and will serve, and that service has been my pleasure.

Job Wanted Ad: Citizens willing to work hard to build a strong community. Please inquire at your local government.

Be prepared to be amazed.

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