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M2: 10 million decisions facing Craig’s Taelor Stagner

Craig resident Taelor Stagner eyes Air Force, PR, divinity, public health after college

Joe Moylan

Taelor Stagner

Age: 21

From: Craig

College: University of Wyoming

Major: Kinesiology and health promotion (the study of movement and physical therapy)

Moffat Monthly: What do you miss most about Craig?

Taelor Stagner: I really miss the family, small-town feel of Craig, where everybody knows everybody. Not that Laramie is that much bigger, but everybody just kind of takes care of each other back home.

M2: Are there people from Craig you stay in close contact?

TS: My best friend from high school (Katie Nottingham) and I decided to come here, and my sister (Kaycee) was also here to do her undergrad. Between my sister and Katie, I have those two people to depend on and hang out with.

M2: What clubs, sports, extracurricular activities are you involved with?

TS: I do intramural water polo with a group of friends on (both) a coed and an all-girls team. I’m also on contract with the U.S. Air Force through ROTC, so that’s what I’m doing after I graduate. I’ll go in as an officer, if I’m accepted in March, and if I’m accepted I’ll go through my training this summer and finish the last two years of my program here. They offered me a full-ride scholarship, so no matter what I do I have to serve four years in the Air Force.

M2: What are your passions outside of school?

TS: My dad owns an outfitting business — Lost Solar Outfitters in Meeker — so I like to ride horses, fish and hunt.

M2: What do you like most about school?

TS: The thing I like most about my degree is that it’s very hands on. I really like that I get to visually learn exercises, and all of my ROTC training is very hands on as well, which is something I didn’t get a whole lot of in high school.

M2: Any idea on plans for the future?

TS: I’ve got 10 million things I want to do with my life. I have to do four years of active duty in the Air Force and four years in reserves. I don’t really know what I’m going up for, but right now I’m thinking about being an air craft maintenance officer or a public relations officer. I may also want to go back to school and get a master’s in divinity and become a chaplain.

If I decide not to do the whole chaplain thing, which is definitely a hard job, I’ll definitely want to be a public health promoter, especially for low-income people who don’t have a good place to live, let alone enough money for healthy food.

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