Lynne Herring: Vote yes to Amend. 48 |

Lynne Herring: Vote yes to Amend. 48

To the editor:

I would like to encourage your readers to vote YES on Amendment 48. For 30-plus years, we have been lied to and led to believe that abortion is a constitutional right for every woman. Actually, this has nothing to do with the Constitution.

The Supreme Court decided in 1973 what the law of the land would be regarding abortion, and the decision of these nine people supercedes any state or federal law at the time or since.

In wanting to keep women safe and out of the backrooms of illegal abortion doctors, we as the American people were led to believe that women need a safe solution to rape and incest and to save the life of the mother during a dangerous pregnancy.

Here is the lie: 30-plus years later, we have aborted millions of babies and trust me, they are not all because of rapes or incest or the life of the mother. Those are not the biggest reasons.

Pregnancies after rape and incest are very rare, and no one would condemn any woman for getting an abortion because of violence done to her. Getting an abortion because the life of the mother is at risk – while it does happen – also is very rare, especially in our advanced medical world. Again, no one would condemn. We have abortions done for any reason, at any time during a woman’s pregnancy.

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From the first month to the very last day, a woman can have an abortion with no questions asked. We even have it legal for a woman to go into labor after a nine-month pregnancy, and her doctor deliver the baby feet first, leave the baby’s head in the birth canal, put a hole in the baby’s neck and suck out the baby’s brains. This is called a partial-birth abortion, and it is something Obama has voted for and supported every time it has come to his desk, whether as an Illinois senator or as a senator in Congress. So has the governor of Colorado, and he is asking you to vote no on 48.

After millions of dead babies, isn’t it time somebody stood up and said enough is enough?

I believe that a society that does not value human life at all stages will see an increase in the moral decay of its society. We will see an increase in drugs, abuse in the home against wives and children, pedophilia, alcohol abuse, the decay of family values, gang violence and murder. When life holds no value, nothing holds value.

Please vote yes on 48. I believe, as a Christian, that when I stand before God and He asks me if I did everything in my power to respect and protect life, but I chose not to vote or I vote for the Democratic Party and Obama, who strongly support abortion, that God will hold me just as guilty.