Lynne Herring: ‘Vote for Rankin’ |

Lynne Herring: ‘Vote for Rankin’

To the editor:

If you love to pay taxes, vote for Joann Baxter.

Joann Baxter loves to pay taxes and thinks we should pay more. I Heard her speak those very words at a meeting with Michael Bennett when he was here to hype Obama’s Health care tax.

If you vote for Joann Baxter know that she will probably vote for higher taxes every chance she gets because to her taxes are a blessing and she wouldn’t mind paying more.

Ms. Baxter, there is a line at the bottom of your tax form that asks for donations: Please feel free to donate as much as you want but please do not take from me to so you can share the wealth through corrupt government programs.

Vote For Bob Rankin

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Lynne Herring