Lynne Herring: Questions for Mr. Obama |

Lynne Herring: Questions for Mr. Obama

To the editor:

Here are a couple of questions I would have asked had I been at the Town Hall debate:

Mr. Obama over the last four + years you have repeated over and over the need for everybody to” PLAY BY THE SAME RULES”, and the need for everybody to pay their “FAIR SHARE”.

Question No. 1: You spent 2 years of your first term on “OBAMACARE” trying to push this bill through Congress, which you could not do, so you signed it into law unconstitutionally, with back room deals. As a result of this unconstitutional move this bill was taken all the way up to the Supreme Court by 28 States.

Unfortunately for us Justice Roberts found Obamacare legal but only as a tax. You promised this bill was “tax neutral”. Now we learn that this bill is going to be a TRILLION DOLLAR TAX BURDEN to us.

I have also learned that instead of everybody “playing by the same rules” you, your administration all those in the White House, ALL members of Congress are EXEMPT from the Obama Health Care TAX. Also many public unions are exempt, over 1,100 businesses exempt, Nancy Pelosi (we have to pass the bill in order to find out what is in the bill) her whole district in San Franciso also exempt as well as other cities and districts represented by other (special?) senators and House members.

My question if everybody is to play by the same rules WHY DON’T YOU OR YOUR GOVERNMENT? Maybe all those in government should get the same health care as our military?

Question No. 2: Everybody has to pay “THEIR FAIR SHARE”. According to the IRS 51 percent of Americans pay income taxes 48 percent do not and out of that 48 percent only 15 percent are below poverty level.

So Mr. Obama you didn’t really mean EVERYBODY must pay their fair share only the 51 percent. Out of that 51 percent who will see their taxes increased, the ones you are really going after is the 1 percent, BIG businesses. However MANY small businesses fall under this attack you have waged on the 1 percent.

You often use the phrase “SHARING THE WEALTH”. Are you talking about “SHARING” Mr. Obama, or are you really talking about ” TAKING” the wealth of the 51 percent?

A WORD OF WARNING from a former government worker in the 1920’s, J. Ruben Clark. He served as Under Secretary of State, as special council to the Judge Advocate General and worked in the Attorney General’s office during WW1.

He made this prophetic warning back in the 1920’s but is very relevant today: “The move to take the capital the citizens have saved will be disguised as a means of alleviating the needs of the poor, or equalizing the burden of government, of SHARING THE WEALTH. When that comes, the conquest of the citizens will be complete: tyranny will be enthroned and rule till liberty is again brought back across many bloody fields of battle. Thus will history again repeat itself.”

Is that what you are REALLY trying to do, Mr. Obama?

Lynne Herring

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