Lydia Johnston: Thanks to Ms. Dahlberg |

Lydia Johnston: Thanks to Ms. Dahlberg

To the editor:

This letter is for Ms. Dahlberg, a most passionate and caring teacher. She taught kids discipline and respect, and at the same time taught children to have a dream, no matter what it is they want. She made every student she taught important. I want to thank her for stopping by the house after graduation, knowing she had dozens of houses to go to. She made time for everyone. I hope your travels and new life treat you well, for you have a place in all your students’ hearts here in Craig. I know it’s a bitter-sweet farewell for you, but, as you would say, “The show must go on.” As you leave here, always remember that this little town will never forget your sacrifices and your dedication to its school. May God bless you, and have a wonderful life.

Thank you from a grateful mom,

Lydia Johnston


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