Luttrell Barn to receive local historic designation |

Luttrell Barn to receive local historic designation

The historic Luttrell Barn
Lauren Blair

CRAIG — The Luttrell Barn will soon see a local historic designation after gaining approval from the Craig City Council during its regular meeting Tuesday, May 22.

The more-than 110-year-old barn was in danger of being demolished before a coalition of community members formed the Save the Barn committee and purchased the building. Since then, the committee has evolved into a nonprofit organization, the Luttrell Barn Cultural Center Foundation. The cultural foundation acts as a steward of the barn, facilitating much-needed repairs and most recently, filing applications to designate the barn a historic building.

“It’s wonderful that we can at least have it on a local historic designation,” said Adam Cozzens, who is involved with the cultural foundation. “It was built in 1904. It’s a very old barn, and it’s been Craig’s history pretty much since the city of Craig was established. In fact, it’s older than the city of Craig.”

The Luttrell Barn does not qualify for a state historic designation, Cozzens said, because it is no longer being used as a barn. City standards, however, are not as stringent, allowing the barn to earn the local designation.

Because the cultural foundation leases the land the barn sits on from Moffat County, the organization had to receive a statement of support from the Moffat County Board of County Commissioners, which it received last week. A clause in supporting documents for the designation also allows it to be revoked.

“If the county, down the road, had rented that (land) back with the building, they wouldn’t be stuck with something that they couldn’t do something else with — demolish, if need be, or something like that,” said city and county Building Inspector Marlin Eckhoff. “With it being revocable, they (the county), were pretty comfortable with the fact that shouldn’t be an issue. “

“It seemed like over a year ago they were asking for our support in the demo and construction phase of it, and here we are a year later, designating a historic building,” said Councilman Derek Duran after voting to approve the designation. “You’ve done an amazing job with it,” he told the members of the cultural foundation in attendance.

“I think it just goes to prove that the city gets behind things that they believe in,” Councilman Tony Bohrer added. “That’s what happened here. That says a lot about our community. When they believe in something, they don’t mind spending the time and the money and the effort get it done.”

John Allen, president of the Luttrell Barn Cultural Center Foundation, said the group has had community support, as well as support from local government. Since re-opening, the barn has been used nearly every weekend, he added.

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