Luttrell Barn may receive new life |

Luttrell Barn may receive new life

Patrick Kelly

The Luttrell barn

On the eastern side of town near the Boys & Girls Club of Craig the Luttrell Barn has languished in disrepair for years.

Once a popular spot for wedding receptions, birthday parties and all manner of celebrations or community events, the barn has not hosted an event since 2012 and has a number of costly repairs necessary before any future use.

Up until earlier this month, Moffat County owned the land that the barn sat on but did not own the structure itself and county commissioners had been hesitant to invest funds in something the county did not own, said Commissioner Chuck Grobe at the Dec. 22 commissioner's meeting.

"We have $100,000 in our budget that has been earmarked for the Luttrell Barn for three years," he said, according to the recorded minutes.

Now, after reaching an agreement with the heirs of the barn's previous owner, the county owns both the land and building and is working with the Boys & Girls Club of Craig to give it full use of the facility.

"We're just in conversation with the county about how to make the Luttrell Barn available for community use," said Dana Duran, Boys & Girls Club of Craig executive director.

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At Tuesday morning's commissioner meeting Grobe gave an update on the discussion. He said the county is working on a memorandum of understating between the two entities that would give maintenance and operational responsibilities to the Boys & Girls Club.

"They're excited and want to get into that building," he said.

Duran said at this point the conversation is preliminary and she does not want to get the community excited over something so uncertain.

As discussed so far, the county would be responsible for major repairs such putting on a new roof, installing a furnace, removing bat guano and working on sealing the building.

The counties responsibilities would then cease and the Boys & Girls Club would take over maintenance and renting out the barn of events, which it would receive the profits from.

"We just do the main things, ceiling and everything and then they'll start painting and whatever other updates they need is the way it was coming across,” Grobe said Tuesday morning.

Duran said in addition to being available for events, the barn would also be used as a recreation center for Craig and Moffat County's teenagers but again emphasized that at this point the plans are all tentative.

"I don't want to put the cart ahead of the horse," she said.