Luke Tucker: I believe in Moffat County |

Luke Tucker: I believe in Moffat County

To the editor:

Let’s complain about education in Moffat County. Let’s talk about failing schools and horrible test scores. Our kids can’t read, can’t add, can’t pass a science test. Let’s hold meetings to complain about all of these things and do nothing.

We voted down Amendment 66, where we recognized the need for more funding but didn’t like everything that came with the tax. Bravo! I, too, am a proud fiscal conservative who is against new taxes. My hope, however, is that a vote against 66 wasn’t a vote against fixing the problems that face our schools, but a battle cry, “we will do this ourselves!”

Doing it ourselves, isn’t that something that Moffat County should stand for? Isn’t that why we vote the way we do and live the way we do? We don’t like being told what to do, what to say or what gun to carry. So let’s start solving some problems. Let’s start with education.

Let’s be a leader in this state. Let’s be the best place to go to school and the best place to go hunting. Let Moffat County teach the children that create the cleanest coal burning technology. Let Moffat County teach the children that become tomorrow’s industry leaders. Let’s help the teachers that are inspired to teach, and inspire our children to learn.

Our school district needs help. Do not bury your head in the sand. Let’s fix this. Don’t sway, don’t waiver. Focus! Read with your kids. Volunteer in the classroom. Go to SAC meetings. Talk to your school board. Participate!

I am a member and supporter of Friends of Moffat County Education. We support great teachers with great ideas. Moffat County has teachers that are inspired. Let’s embrace them. We have an opportunity, take advantage of it. Do something. Expect more. Demand more. Support more. If it’s broke, fix it. Make it the best.

It has started. Make sure you are a part of this. Moffat County can be a great place to learn. We have the teachers. We have the tools. Let’s rally!

Luke Tucker

Parent, lover of Moffat County and FMCE board member


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