Lucille Theis: New hospital will aid health care needs |

Lucille Theis: New hospital will aid health care needs

— I am writing in support of The Memorial Hospital’s tax question – 1A. I strongly believe that it is time for a new hospital that is able to accommodate more advanced health care and specialists.

Not long ago, I had to have back surgery. My doctor, Dr. Fabien, meets with patients in the medical clinic in the basement of the hospital, but he has had to stop doing surgery in Craig because of the facilities. He said he couldn’t perform his surgeries here any longer because the operating room was too small to accommodate his specialized equipment.

Ultimately, I had to have my back surgery in Steamboat. My surgery in Steamboate created a hardship for my family. My children all work full-time in Craig, and they had to commute to Steamboat to be with me while I was in the hospital recovering from surgery.

The Memorial Hospital’s proposal for a new hospital includes operating rooms that are modernized and large enough to handle specialized equipment. I truly feel that building a new hospital would increase the chances that new doctors and specialists will come to Craig and be available to service our health care needs.

Please join me in supporting 1A.

Lucille Theis