Love INC fundraiser improves from last year |

Love INC fundraiser improves from last year

Randy Nylander, front, looks on as his daughter, Kelsey, 14, writes down her bid for an item in a silent auction during Love INC of the Yampa Valley's second annual pig roast fundraiser Sunday. The event, one of Love INC's largest fundraisers of the year, garnered between $4,700 and $4,800.

Sunday’s fundraiser could set up a local nonprofit for the next several months.

At its second annual pig roast, Love INC of the Yampa Valley collected between $4,700 and $4,800, executive director Pat Jones said.

“This really has made a difference,” Jones said. “We just appreciate all the wonderful support from the whole community and from our churches.”

The sum is about $2,000 more than what the fundraiser collected last year for the non-profit, which offers various services to needy families and children throughout the year. Its annual programs include drives for school supplies coats.

A silent auction, an addition from last year’s event, may have helped boost the fundraiser, Jones said.

However, added attendance could have helped, too. At least 220 people attended the event Sunday. In comparison, less than 200 people turned out for the inaugural pig roast last year.

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Fundraiser proceeds help Love INC meet administrative costs throughout the year, including paying utilities at the nonprofit’s office. Jones plans to use the money to help buoy up the nonprofit’s account, especially in the leaner financial times projected to come this spring.

After “an incredibly busy season” drew heavily from the nonprofit’s account, the fundraiser was a welcome relief, Jones said.

She plans to follow up Sunday’s fundraiser with one or possibly two more in December.

Funds raised weren’t the only aspect of the pig roast Jones found encouraging. Members from a wide variety of area churches attended the event.

“We were all like a family,” she said. “It was so relaxed and fun to be there, visiting with each other.

“That’s kind of what Love INC is about- is helping the churches work together.”

By the numbers

2008 Love INC pig roast fundraiser

• At least 220: Estimated number of attendees

• Between $4,700 and $4,800: Dollar amount raised

2007 Love INC pig roast fundraiser

• Less than 200: Estimated number of attendees

• Between $2,000 and $3,000: Dollar amount raised