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Loud and proud: Officials shout out about what makes their schools great

Officials in the Moffat County School District submitted reasons they are proud of each of the schools’ students and faculty. Below are their responses:

Early Childhood Center

  • Using a standardized tool and process of evaluation of each preschool classroom, the Early Childhood Center met the Colorado Department of Education’s standards of high quality by receiving an above-average score on the Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale.
  • Concepts are reinforced through sign language and Spanish in every classroom. In addition, English and verbal preschoolers are motivating those preschoolers with no language or limited proficiency in English to communicate.
  • Collaboration with the Craig Lion’s Club resulted in several referrals for vision evaluation, thus intervening early to prevent vision issues that later can lead to learning problems.
  • For the fifth year in a row, Craig Middle School and the Early Childhood Center are partnering in an effort to enhance literacy instruction with the district’s youngest learners. Seventh-graders are visiting each preschool classroom once a month to spend a minimum of 20 minutes reading to individual preschool students. This reading time helps increase the probability that the preschoolers will be future fluent readers.

Dinosaur Community Charter School

  • A terrific staff with an average of 14 years of teaching experience.

• A student/teacher ratio of 7-1

• A place where all children have the opportunity for success

• Reopening and giving life to a mothballed school

• Mr. Forbes’ Friday afternoon Bowling Club

East Elementary School

  • We are proud of the hard work and dedication of our third- and fourth-grade teachers preparing our students for CSAP testing, and the success our students have achieved as a result.
  • Our Parent Accountability Committee members, students and parents had an enormously successful fundraiser this year. We raised more than $15,000, twice as much as previous years. We were fortunate to have so many parents volunteer to help sort and distribute candles.
  • The compassion shown for Hurricane Katrina victims was overwhelming. Our students raised $1,400, and City Market generously matched that donation. East Elementary donated $2,800 to the American Red Cross. We are very proud of Sue Beachman and Julie and Brett Sperl for organizing the fundraiser.
  • Our teachers have spent a lot of time and effort on Common Assessments and Essential Learning. We are very proud of the work they have done. Our staff does a wonderful job working together and meeting the goals that are expected of them.
  • We have an outstanding Second Step Program at East Elementary School. Students get to participate in Second Step on Wednesdays during teacher’s collaboration time. Wendy Nadolny, our school counselor, also teaches Second Step to each class in addition to the Wednesday schedule. Our students are learning to be compassionate, respectful and to make good choices in different situations.

Maybell Elementary School

  • We’re proud because we scored “excellent” on our SAR (School Accountability Report).
  • We’re proud because we have excellent parent participation and involvement.
  • We’re proud because all students are reading at least one grade ahead of current grade.

Ridgeview Elementary School

  • Getting through our first math common assessment successfully and using the Scantron data to assist us in our instructional direction.
  • Our successful pre-planning and hard work in developing schedules for our autistic kids — we had a very successful start to our school year.
  • Our new parking process — although the change was difficult for our general population, it’s working and it’s safer for our kids.
  • Our creative abilities in developing “focused, fluid and flexible” math interventions.
  • Our family.
  • We’re proud that the Parent Accountability Committee has decided to partner with J.B. and Paula Chapman in “Keep Education Rolling” and skip fundraisers altogether this year.

SunsetElementary School

  • Zero students in third grade were unsatisfactory on the CSAP (2004-05) in math.
  • Twelve percent more fourth-graders scored proficient or advanced in 2004-05 in writing than the same group of students scored as third-graders in 2003-04.
  • Students raised, through our PAC-sponsored fundraiser, more than $12,000. Our PAC decided to put that money toward the purchase of kindergarten playground equipment.
  • Completion of collaborative work in math on answering our guiding questions of what we want students to learn and how we will know when each student has acquired the intended knowledge and skills.

Craig Intermediate School

  • Our staff at Craig Intermediate School love kids.
  • Our staff at Craig Intermediate School take time to care for one another, laugh every day, and look forward to coming to work.
  • The children in our care continue to make significant, measurable progress in academic learning, physical fitness, fine arts and social skills.
  • Our parents support what we do in our school to help children learn and grow and are supportive of our faculty and staff.
  • Our school is a safe and welcoming place for students and staff.

Craig Middle School

  • The CMS student body exceeded its previous record in the annual canned food drive held in November.
  • CMS continues to experience positive results from the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support program currently in place. Furthermore, the PBIS team is structuring activities and instruction for the return from the upcoming extended holiday break.
  • Students are demonstrating an improved attendance pattern, more positive behavior and an increased interest and ownership in their academic success.
  • Several students showed improvement in school. Several students were mentioned based on their exceptional performance, attendance, contribution to school, etc.
  • Several staff members are working toward master degrees, have an increased fitness awareness and are serving on state boards and associations.
  • Student athletes are successful and demonstrate proper sportsmanship. Several student groups have contributed to a more positive school climate and environment. Students seem to have less tolerance for bullies and bullying.

Moffat County High School

  • The average GPA for students in guided study program for first quarter was 2.6; students in each period are in competition to get above a 3.0 for the second quarter.
  • The mathematics, English, and science teams have used the Scantron test management system for first quarter assessments and are reviewing individual student results.
  • The establishment of Bulldog Pride, through the Positive Behavior Supports program, has been implemented by 88 percent of all faculty and staff.
  • In August, September and October, 1,173 Bulldog Pride cards were turned in at the office.
  • We are “catching” lots of kids “being good.”
  • One hundred percent of all freshmen entered their sophomore year with a flexible four-year school-scheduling plan, thanks to the freshmen-mentoring program.

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