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Lou Hahn: What about wolves?

To the editor:

Dogs and wildlife! What about wolves and wildlife? I don’t have a dog, but I’m sick and tired of the constant write-ups of dogs chasing wildlife.

The people writing these stories I know are CPW personnel. I would like to know what their thoughts are about introducing wolves into our environment. If they think dogs harass wildlife, I’d like to know what they think a wild pack of wolves would do to a herd of elk.

I will be waiting for their response on this, if they are in favor of introducing wolves back into our environment or not, and what effect it would have on our deer and elk herds.

A dog is an offspring of a wolf, so if the CPW can shoot a dog for chasing wildlife, why can’t they shoot a wolf for the same reason?

Is there another subject we can write about except dogs and wildlife? Maybe something about birds and bees would be more interesting.

Lou Hahn



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