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Lou Hahn: Enough is enough

To the editor:To the editor:

To the editor:

When is the city council going to step up to the plate and say the people of Craig have already spoken and they do not want pot in Craig. Maybe it’s a legal thing that I don’t understand.

We all need to wake up and look at what is happening in Denver and other pot approved communities. A lot of problems with overdosing and driving DUI with drugs. Recently in Denver a young person under the influence of pot was driving and caused an accident that killed another person. The driver said they did not remember doing it.

If the council approves the proposed ordinance on the pot issue and the people of Craig vote yes on it, then we will have a so called legal pot in Craig. Then what happens is someone will want to grow pot in Craig, and guess what? We will have to get through the process of voting on that, and if it is approved, then someone will start growing illegal pot illegally to undercut the so called legal pot grower.

(It never ends folks)

The reason I call it “so called legal pot” is because our own government has not approved it.

If the city council is so worried about not having a vote on pot in Craig, then maybe they should think about whether or not pot is legal in the first place.

Here’s the big problem with pot in our community, more bad temptations for our children. Be ready to pay more for more police officers and the costs that come with enforcement.

City council members don’t let your judgment be swayed by someone who continually hounds you to get this passed.

Lets get on with programs that will honestly do something constructive for our children and community.

Enough is enough.

Lou HahnLou Hahn

Lou Hahn


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